Short narrative

Short Narrative
Short Narrative

1 IntroductionWrite a few sentences to set the scene and introduce the characters.It was a beautiful day in spring and the sun was shining*. The night before, my cousin Sam, my girlfriend and I had decided** to go canoeing down the river. We had arranged** to meet at eight o'clock. When I arrived, Sam was waiting* and was looking at his watch....* to set the scene or say what was happening at particular time, use the Past Continuous.** to say what had happened before, use Past Perfect.

2 Beginning of the NarrativeDescribe the main actions. Include some dialogue.Suddenly, it started to rain heavily. We kept on canoeing and twenty minutes later we came to some rapids. For ten minutes I was absolutely terrified and then Sam shouted: 'Look over there!''What is it?' I screamed. 'It looks like...’

3 Development of the Narrative.Write what happened next.We got out of our canoes and started to look for Sam. There was no sign of him anywhere so we decided to get help. Luckily, I ...

4 ConclusionWrite a suitable ending to your story. Don't forget to finish it with the sentence from the task instruction.At last, we saw a group of people coming towards us ... We all felt very happy to be back home.
Signing off

Useful Vocabulary
Weather: cloudy, foggy, freezing, rainy, sunny, wetPlaces: castle, mountains, old house, park, river, valley, woodsVerbs: argue, crash, escape, fall, find, get back, get lost, hunt, hurt, meet, recogniseAdjectives: afraid, amazing, awful, beautiful, exciting, frightening, strange, terrifying

Linking: Sequence
It was a beautiful spring day when we decided to go canoeing.During the day before, it had rained a lot.First, we went to collect the canoes. As soon as we got there, we went down to the river.After an hour, it became cloudy and, suddenly, it started to rain. Twenty minutes later, we came to some rapids.Just then, we realised Sam wasn't with us! In the end, we got to calmer waters and I immediately rang the emergent icy services.While we were waiting, we talked about how stupid we had been.

Grammar: Have you included examples of all he past tenses you know?Linking: Have you included a few linking words and expressions?Spelling: Have you checked your work for spelling?

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